Coloured Braces for teeth

Does your child have crooked teeth or are his/her teeth forwardly placed? Braces are the answer to your problems. Coloured braces for teeth ensure that braces look cool. Read more to find out exactly why.

1) What are coloured braces for teeth?

Each of the braces gets a small rubber band around it called ligerings. It holds the wire in the bracket slot. This wire causes the teeth to straighten out.

These small rubber bands are available in different colours.

Braces (brackets) are the constant feature that will remain until the end of treatment. What changes are the wires and rubber bands.

We usually change your rubber bands every month. So you can get a whole new look every time you visit your orthodontist.

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2) What are the colour options available for braces?

You have a range of colours to choose from

Red yellow, white, turquoise, parrot green, maroon, orange, transparent, lavender, dark blue, sky blue, light green, gold, neon colours, grey, baby pink, black, silver, purple, bright pink and many more.

You are spoilt for choices.

Micky mouse and star-shaped elastics are more options available

3) Personalize Your Coloured Braces for teeth

For a more subtle look: choose one solid colour throughout

Pick your two favourite colours, one for top teeth and one for bottom ones. You can try alternate colours as well

For a trendier or more festive look:

  • Alternate the colours of your favourite sports team.
  • Pick a season – Do bright colours for spring /summer, and darker colours for fall/winter.
  • Match the colour for Christmas – Red and Green.
  • Match the colour of your accessories and favourite gadgets, it’s up to you.
  • Match the colour to your school uniforms are your favourite eyeliner colour.

Get creative and play around with all the different rubber band colour combinations. Create a personalized braces colour set

We allow you to select the colour you want at the start of your appointment. You get a preview of what your teeth will look like before it’s applied.

Have fun!

4) Care for coloured braces for teeth.

The most important thing is to care for your teeth every day. To avoid yellow teeth, brushing teeth 2-3 times a day is crucial, especially after meals.

  • The use of an interdental brush is compulsory to clean food stuck between teeth.
  • Use mouthwash so that it aids to reduce plaque formation linked to care for your braces

5) Cost of Coloured braces for teeth

The biggest advantage of coloured braces is that their cost is the same as regular metal braces.

The cost would depend on many factors like

  • Extraction is needed
  • Complexity of the case etc

It starts from Rs 45,000 and can go up to Rs 70,000

Ceramic braces and colour

In ceramic braces, the brackets are white or transparent in colour. They are also called tooth-coloured braces.
You do get rubber bands around each bracket. So you can opt for the colour of your choice.
The cost is the same as ceramic braces, ranging from 65000-90000

So come to smile store for a consult today!

6) How to make your teeth look whiter with coloured braces?

Choose your brace's rubber band colour wisely.
Colours like dark pink, royal blue, black, dark green, lavender, etc.
Any dark colour makes your teeth look whiter.
Colours like white, yellow, transparent, baby pink, etc. make your teeth look yellower. Because they take up stains easily from the normal food you eat eg. Turmeric and become yellow soon. This gives your teeth a yellower effect.

Tip - When you reach the last wire, choose a safe colour like silver. Cause your wire might not get changed for months and so you can get stuck with the same colour for afew months.


7) Pain with coloured braces of teeth

You will feel pressure and not pain caused by the wire.

The wire causes tooth movement.

Braces tightening may cause your teeth to feel sore and sensitive to the touch. Solution- This can last up to 2-3 days.

Drink something cold, such as an iced drink or milkshake. It can help relieve the pressure on your teeth and ease the soreness. Post that there is no discomfort and you can get back to normal food.

If you feel the pain is unbearable then take a pain-relief medication as advised by your orthodontist. We usually prescribe Crocin in case of severe pain. Medicines like ibuprofen can slow down tooth movement. Remember to use medicines only if needed.

Remember, the pain is only temporary.

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8) Food that you can eat with coloured braces for teeth

Stocking up on braces-friendly food before you even get your braces put on is most important.

Your teeth will feel a little sensitive when you first get your braces put on and after adjustments also. So opt for soft foods like rice, juices, idli, khichdi, soup, pudding, kheer, etc.

Avoid hard or sticky foods that may cause soreness or pain. Hard food also causes loosening of wires or the breaking of brackets. Avoid foods like popcorn, caramel, nuts, carrots, panipuri, thin-crust pizzas, papad, ice cubes, sticky sweets, etc.


One fun aspect of braces is getting to pick out the colours of bands each time you visit your orthodontist. For younger patients, having colourful braces may make them feel more confident.

But, adults may opt for clear or white bands. Either way, being able to personalize your experience can boost your confidence.