Invisalign cost in Mumbai

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you have gaps or crooked teeth or are your teeth just too out?

You don’t want the braces but you feel Invisalign will be expensive. The good news is that Invisalign cost in Mumbai is not very high. Read on to find an answer to your problems.

1) What is Invisalign?

It involves a series of clear aligners (transparent trays). You wear each aligner for approximately 1-2 weeks. The aligners move teeth in small increments to get the final position.

Invisalign is the most preferred solution for those who don’t want traditional braces. No one would know that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

You have to wear it for 22 hours a day for good results.


2) Advantages of Invisalign

TRANSPARENT- they are invisible; you can talk and laugh without restrictions or impediments.

COMFORTABLE- It is smooth, with no screws or wires.

REMOVABLE-You can take the splint out at any time and put it in again e.g. when eating or cleaning.

When should I go for Invisalign?
Your smile can look un-aesthetic even if 1 tooth is in front or crooked.
Invisalign will give you a healthy smile. Any quick fixes will need you to alter the natural tooth shape and structure. Braces & Invisalign don’t harm your teeth. Natural teeth are thus healthier.

If you are not happy with your smile then braces / Invisalign is the answer.

3) How does Invisalign move teeth?

The basic mechanism of teeth movement remains the same for braces and Invisalign. They work by push mechanism on the teeth.

Invisalign - uses plastic aligners and attachments on the teeth.

Attachments – these are tooth-coloured small blobs. They help to achieve specific types of movement.

I am an adult, will my teeth move?

The process involved in moving teeth is the same in adults as in children. Therefore braces treatment can be successful at any age. However, treatment objectives in adults may differ from that in children. Your gums need to be healthy for teeth to move effectively.

Regardless of age, if you are unhappy with your smile, Invisalign is a worthwhile investment.

So get the smile you’ve always wanted!


4) Pain with Invisalign

Every time you wear a new aligner, it will be tight. It does cause little tenderness in your teeth for 1-2 days

Solution- change new aligners at night so that in the morning tightness is less.

5) Cost of Invisalign in Mumbai?

The cost of Invisalign in Mumbai would depend on many factors like

  • It depends on the number of aligners needed
  • Complexity of the case
  • Need extra adjuncts to correct your teeth

The cost of Invisalign in Mumbai starts from Rs 1, 50,000 onwards.

After we take a scan of your teeth, we show you a simulation of how your teeth will after straightening. It gives you an estimation of how your smile will look post Invisalign

Installment plan

We offer an installment plan to allow gradual payment of the treatment fee. The treatment goes on for 6- 18 months; you can make the payments during your treatment.

We can give you all the options on your first visit.

- Invisalign treatment changes the teeth and face forever. It is thus important that a qualified orthodontist carries out the treatment. Dr Jayshree Daryanani has an experience of 10 years. She has undergone advanced training in Invisalign

So come to smile store for a free consult today!

- Invisalign is more expensive than other braces but it’s a one-time investment. We will not alter your tooth structure at all. In the long run, your teeth are healthy. They are removable so you can give Invisalign a miss for big occasions like an important meeting or a friend’s wedding.

They are invisible so no one knows that you are getting orthodontic treatment.

- A lot of adults nowadays want to get their front teeth corrected. Any veneers or crowns mean you will have to alter the natural tooth structure. Invisalign is much better because your natural teeth are not harmed.

Dr Jayshree Daryanani believes in designing smiles that suit your face. We discuss your problem areas and give you solutions

- We will show you similar cases and explain the treatment by showing videos.

We are highly rated on Google. Check our reviews to know why we are the best orthodontist in Mumbai. Book your free orthodontic consultation today!

6) Are there any food restrictions with Invisalign?

Invisalign is a wonderful treatment to get the healthy smile you desire. Your daily routine is not altered.

You can eat what you want after removing them.


7) Treatment time with Invisalign?

It depends on the severity of the case

Invisalign can treat simpler cases and non-extraction ones. Ranges from 6 months – 18 months

Don’t worry about the time because a brace gives you a natural smile. We don’t alter the teeth at all. So Go Ahead-Take the first step. Dr Jayshree Daryanani will answer all your doubts.

8) Care with Invisalign

The most important thing is to care for your teeth every day. Teeth cleaning are easier with Invisalign because it is removable. To avoid yellow teeth, brushing teeth 2-3 times a day is crucial, especially after meals.

  • Use floss to make sure food is not stuck between teeth.
  • Use mouthwash so that it aids to reduce plaque formation.
  • We will give you a dental kit. So you don’t have to bother assembling a kit. This kit has all that you need.

The most important thing is to care for your teeth every day. Teeth cleaning are easier with Invisalign because it is removable. -To avoid yellow teeth, brushing teeth 2-3 times a day is crucial, especially after meals.

Invisalign - You have to keep your aligners clean. Wash it every time you take t out of your mouth. Use a soft toothbrush and white toothpaste to keep them clean. Don’t use hot water to clean them because they can distort.


9) How often do I need to see my Orthodontist?

You can see your Orthodontist after 2 months or even longer. It depends on your case.

In case you can’t visit your orthodontist regularly, collect the aligners in advance.

We are a phone call away in case of any trouble.


10) Procedure for starting Invisalign treatment.

1st visit: Scan your teeth, take photos, and x-ray. Answer all your questions and discuss the options for your treatment.

We discuss the final positioning of your teeth

2nd visit: After 21 days you will get your aligners. We need to clean your teeth and fix tooth-coloured attachments. This is followed by aligner delivery and instructions.

It's simple and quick. Book your free consult today!


Invisalign is one of the popular options at present.

The main reason is that they are invisible and hence fit into the lifestyle easily. Excellent for adult patients who don’t want people to know that they are getting their teeth straightened.

It involves the computerized printing of your aligners. Hence the cost of Invisalign in Mumbai is higher than regular braces. Invisalign is best for patients who are travelling & cant visit and the orthodontist often.