Lingual Braces Cost in Mumbai

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you have gaps or crooked teeth or are your teeth just too out? You don’t want the metal braces but you feel invisible braces will be expensive. The good news is lingual braces cost in Mumbai is not very high. Read on to find an answer to your problems.

1) What are Lingual / Invisible braces for teeth?

Invisible braces for teeth are braces bonded on the inside surfaces of the teeth. Thus are not visible to other people when you speak and smile.

It allows you to smile with confidence!

They are also known as lingual or hidden braces. Lingual means tongue therefore they are called lingual braces.


2) Do lingual braces pain?

1st visit - You will feel pressure and not pain caused by the wire. The wire causes tooth movement. With invisible braces, discomfort can persist for 7-10 days. Mainly because of the tongue. Give it some time, you will get used to them for sure.

Follow-up visits- Braces tightening may cause your teeth to feel sore & sensitive to the touch. This can last up to 2-3 days.

With newer wires which apply light forces the discomfort has been reduced.

Drink something cold, such as an iced drink or milkshake. It can help relieve the pressure on your teeth and ease the soreness. Post that there is no discomfort. Remember, pressure is only temporary.

If you feel the pain is unbearable then take a pain-relief medication. We usually prescribe Crocin in case of severe pain. Medicines like ibuprofen can slow down tooth movement. Remember to use medicines only if needed.

3) Will they affect the tongue?

NO! Lingual braces are designed so that the tongue can adapt to these braces. Patients may experience soreness of the tongue and some initial speech problems such as lisping. Yet, most patients adapt to it within 7-14 days.


4) Procedure to put invisible braces

First visit - We take an impression of your teeth. A model is then made of your teeth. Photos are also taken.

We then make customized lingual braces for your teeth

Second visit - Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned. Braces are then attached to your teeth.

It takes 60 minutes to have the lingual braces bonded.


5) Lingual Braces cost in Mumbai?

The biggest advantage of lingual braces is that they are cheaper than Invisalign.

The cost would depend on many factors like

  • If you need extraction to push your teeth inside
  • Complexity of the case
  • Need extra adjuncts to correct your teeth

Lingual braces Cost in Mumbai starts from Rs 90, 0000 onwards

We offer an installment plan to allow gradual payment of the treatment fee. The treatment goes on for 12-24 months. You can make the payments during your treatment.
We can give you all the options on your first visit.

Braces treatment changes the teeth and face forever. It is thus important that a qualified orthodontist carries out the treatment. Dr Jayshree Daryanani has an experience of 10 years. So come to smile store for a free consult today!

Options to reduce the invisible braces cost in Mumbai?

Upper lingual braces and lower ceramic braces

Lower teeth are not seen when you talk. So people don’t realize that you are getting braces


  • Lingual braces cost in Mumbai for such cases is less
  • Does not hurt the tongue because lower braces are on the outside surface

Dr Jayshree Daryanani believes in designing smiles that suit your face. We discuss your problem areas and give you solutions

  • We at Smile Store have an app where we can show you how your teeth will look post-treatment.
  • It helps you to make better decisions.
  • We will show you similar cases and explain the treatment by showing videos.
  • After you are happy, then we start customizing braces for your teeth.

We are highly rated on Google. Check our reviews to know why we are the best orthodontist in Mumbai Book your free orthodontic consult today!

6) I am an adult, will my teeth move?

The process involved in moving teeth is the same in adults as in children. Therefore braces treatment can be successful at any age. However, treatment objectives in adults may differ from that in children. We have treated patients even at 60 yrs. You don't need to be conscious about wearing braces.

The first step in improving your smile is to get your free consult today! Regardless of age, if you are unhappy with your smile, invisible braces are a worthwhile investment.

7) What food can I eat with lingual braces for teeth?

Your teeth will feel a little sensitive when you first get your braces put on and after adjustments also. So opt for soft foods like rice, juices, idli, khichdi, soup, pudding, kheer, etc.

Avoid hard or sticky food which may trigger your soreness or pain. Hard food also causes the loosening of wires or the breaking of brackets. Avoid foods like popcorn, caramel, nuts, carrots, panipuri, thin-crust pizzas, papad, ice cubes, sticky sweets, etc.

Remember, the pain is only temporary.


8) Do I need the removal of teeth for lingual braces?

Most patients hold the idea that extractions of teeth are necessary for braces. With proper diagnosis and treatment planning, we can avoid extractions in many patients.

Dr Jayshree Daryanani tries to avoid the extraction of permanent teeth if possible. Achieving a natural and full smile is her primary aim.

9) How regularly do I have to see my orthodontist?

You need to see your orthodontist once every 30 days. It depends on the type of tooth movement carried out. We keep a watch on the dental hygiene of the patient as well at every appointment.

We are just a phone call away in case of any trouble.

10) How long does lingual braces treatment take

Treatment duration varies depending on the severity of the problems. It can range from 12 to 24 months.

Don’t worry about the time because braces give you a natural smile. We don’t alter the teeth at all. So Go Ahead with the first step. The answer to your problems can come only after a consultation with Dr Jayshree Daryanani.

During the consultation, she will solve all your doubts


Nowadays, with selfies and social media becoming super popular, a good smile is more of a necessity. With advances in braces and decreased lingual braces cost in Mumbai, more teenagers and adults are opting for them.